FPX and Intelliquip Announces Dr. Trgve Dahl Revealing Innovative Developments in Gauging Pump Efficiency

FPX & Intelliquip GM, Dr. Trygve Dahl, to Present New Fluid-Handling Industry Efficiency Metric, True Weighted Efficiency, During Hydraulic Institute Digital Event April 29, 2021.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (April, 12, 2021) - FPX & Intelliquip, the leading provider of digital selling and quotation SaaS solutions for mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors announces GM and VP Trygve Dahl will present his holistic fluid-handling equipment energy efficiency metric, True Weighted Efficiency, and its impact on optimizing fluid handling equipment selection during a Hydraulic Institute sponsored digital event on April 29th, 2021.

Recognized as an innovator in the industry and a Hydraulic Institute Board member, Mr. Dahl is the inventor and developer behind True Weighted Efficiency. During the event, he will illustrate why many contemporary efficiency metrics fail to account for common variables in operating conditions, and how a new, better metric like True Weighted Efficiency is needed to evaluate pumps and pump systems against real-world conditions.

 “Today’s buyers of pumps and pump systems are required to evaluate and choose solutions based on compliance with numerous complex efficiency metrics. But the industry’s standard efficiency metrics only account for persistent operating conditions when engineers know that usage is hardly, if ever, consistent,” says Trygve Dahl. “True Weighted Efficiency allows engineers and buyers to evaluate a pump’s efficiency based on variable operating conditions so they can make the optimal choice for the real-world application of a pump or pump system.”

 The digital event is sponsored by the Hydraulic Institute and attendance is open to Hydraulic Institute members as well as the public. For discounted registration, visit the Hydraulic Institute and use the registration code at checkout.

About FPX and Intelliquip: 

FPX and Intelliquip is a leading SaaS provider serving mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors with more than 200,000 global users spanning 182 countries quoting over $40B through the platform. For more than 30 years, FPX has focused on delivering Select-Configure-Price-Quote solutions purpose-built to the unique requirements of the manufacturers and sellers of pumps, compressors, motor, valves, and much more. Since acquiring long-time partner Intelliquip in 2019, the company has expanded its Selling Cloud solution to serve the digital transformation needs of its customers and the market. For more information on how FPX and Intelliquip enables manufacturers and distributors of mechanical equipment to quote and sell faster, more efficiently and more profitably, visit  https://www.fpx.com or https://www.intelliquip.com. 

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