FPX & Intelliquip Announce Offer $1 Access to Selector and CPQ

FPX & Intelliquip to Offer Equipment Manufacturers $1 Access Trial for 60-dayto Industry-Leading SelectionConfigure-Price-Quote SaaS Solution. 

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (February/25/2021) – FPX, and Intelliquip, an FPX Company, the leaders in Select-Configure-Price-Quote technologies for mechanical equipment manufacturers and sellers, announces it is making its SaaS offering available for a 60-day, $1 Trial period in response to overwhelming acceleration of digital technology adoption for product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting and commerce. 

“The world has experienced 3-5 years of digital adoption in just the past 12 months as companies have adapted to market conditions,” said Kyle Priest, Chief Growth Officer. “Now more than ever, these solutions are essential to competing and remaining relevant. Our unprecedented access offer enables manufacturers — especially those in the fluid handling space  to be competitive with digital first solutions that empower them to quote faster, more accurately, and virtually.” 

“There are still so many companies using spreadsheets, or closed applications who are not leveraging the critical advantages of digital, interoperable solutions,” said Trygve Dahl, General Manager. “Our solution is purpose-built for the hyper-specific needs that equipment manufacturers, their distributors, and end users require and deserve for digital selection, configuration, pricing and quotation. With more than $40 Billion being quoted on our platform, we want to provide access such that all equipment manufacturers and their partners can win in a digital economy by leveraging capabilities and experiences that differentiate their companies and drive both top- and bottom-line results.”  

The access trial, available now through June 30, 2021leverages FPX’s solution with some of the customer’s data so they can run live, actual selections and/or configurations, prices, and quotations. Specific offer details can be found here or by visiting FPX.com. 


About FPX:  

FPX & Intelliquip, an FPX Company, is a leading SaaS provider serving mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors with more than 200,000 global users spanning 182 countries quoting over $40B through the platformFor more than 30 years, FPX has focused on delivering Select-Configure-Price-Quote solutions purpose-built to the unique requirements of the manufacturers and sellers of pumps, compressors, motors, valves, and much more. Since acquiring long-time partner Intelliquip in 2019, the company has expanded its Selling Cloud solution to serve the digital transformation needs of its customers and the market. For more information on how FPX & Intelliquip enables manufacturers and distributors of mechanical equipment to quote and sell faster, more efficiently and more profitably, visit https://www.fpx.com or https://www.intelliquip.com 

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